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1992-2002 Camaro/Firebird Camaro Torque Arms Founders Performance. Transfer more or your power to the wheels by with this Founders Performance adjustable torque arm. This unique designed aftermarket torque arm replaces the flimsy stamped stock torque arm adding strength, rigidity and eliminating flex. This super strong tubular torque arm is a direct bolt on replacement using existing mounting holes and requires no drilling or welding. Founders torque arm is designed to eliminate wheel hop under hard acceleration and reduce your 60-foot times. All necessary parts are supplied with this tubular set-up including a low deflection Energy Suspension front bushing which replaces the stock rubber bushing and bolts in with the existing clamshell. The rear torque arm mount is constructed entirely of high strength grade 50 steel (not the more common 1008, 1010, or grade 30) CNC laser cut and is fully pulsed spray welded with extra material around the mounting holes compared to any other torque arm on the market. This set-up features on-car adjustability for easy pinion angle adjustments using forged 4340 Heat treated adjuster and high strength alloy steel solid rod ends. This makes this the strongest adjustable torque arm on the market at the most affordable price! Designed to fit GM 10-Bolt rear-ends, Moser and Strange 12-Bolts as well as most 9″ housings.